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Como hacer un photocall casero

Oct 19, 2021
Como hacer un photocall casero

Como hacer un photocall casero

Original homemade photocall

With chalkboard paint, you can make this triptych that can also be used for different celebrations. It’s a bit elaborate because you will have to use wood to build it, but you can fold it with hinges and customize it with chalk for different events. If you are into photography, it will pay for itself in no time with a couple of parties! If you like the idea but are looking for something simpler, remember that chalkboard paint is multi-surface and you can use it on cardboard to make a more ephemeral background.
Much easier to make and transport is this background made with different ribbons. Buy several yards of ribbon with different colors and textures that can match each other well and tie them to a string. Be careful when storing it so that it doesn’t get too tangled and then you only have to unfold it and tie it at the height you want to have your photocall in 2 minutes.
To create an outdoor backdrop you can assemble some structures with wooden slats to support different fabrics and place them at different levels to create depth. In a romantic wedding it is perfect to use lace fabrics, but you can use any other fabric you like. If you don’t have any suitable fabrics, you will surely find some that will serve the purpose in a curtain store.

Photocall ideas

The last part of the chronicle of our wedding is already published and there you could see the result of our photocall. As I explained many months ago my idea was to set up the photocall and use blackboards to collect messages for our signature book.
This background is very easy to assemble outdoors and indoors. You only need a rope or a rod (for example curtains) or any other type of support where to place the strips. Choose the colors you like, cut them into strips and place them. That’s it! You can make your own pompoms or buy them! Although in Aliexpress there are already curtain type backgrounds already made and they are very cheap.
This is the backdrop I chose for our wedding. I bought a fabric in the color I liked and decorated it with pom poms. You can find the pom pom tutorial here. Of course with this background you can have a lot of options. You can choose plain fabrics and decorate them with fabric banners, pinwheels, streamers or whatever you can think of and on the other hand you can choose a fabric with some colorful prints and you save the decoration as it is quite decorative and eye-catching.

Cómo preparar un photocall

¿No es genial que los photocalls estén de moda? No hay duda, si hay un photocall en un evento todo el mundo acude a él en algún momento. Hoy hemos investigado un poco en Internet para presentarte una selección de ideas de photocalls caseros y económicos. Sencillos pero bonitos, seguro que harán que tu evento sea un éxito.
Este es un clásico. Ya sea como decoración, fondo o para las fotos, estos marcos clásicos seguro que aportan un toque especial a tu photocall. Eche un vistazo a los mercados, esté atento a las joyas ocultas en su ciudad el día de la recogida de basuras y empiece a recogerlas.
¿Qué puede estar más asociado a una fiesta que un montón de globos? Utilízalos para decorar tu photocall y verás cómo animan el lugar, ¡y lo bien que salen después en las fotos!
Y volvemos a buscar un toque romántico y rústico, ideal para las bodas. Con las ramas de caña seguro que consigues este resultado y, lo que es mejor, combinarán con cualquier color que lleven tus invitados (algo también a tener en cuenta).

Making a homemade communion photocall

Do you want to have a nice souvenir of your party or event? Don’t you know where to buy an original photocall? Do you know how many types there are? Are you wondering how to make a personalized photocall or Photobooth? We solve all your doubts and give you the best ideas to get the best original, beautiful and fun photocall.
In any celebration you can’t miss a personalized photocall. If you have reached this article is because you have clear that you want to succeed among your friends, guests and family. It is essential for guests to remember a great unrepeatable moment and to share the fun photos taken on a special day.
Do you already have an idea of the personalized photocall you want? Not only is it enough to know what you want it for, you also have to take into account other notes such as where you want to put it, how many people you want to go out, etc. You already know. You can choose between buying a photocall or making a homemade photocall. Whichever option you choose, you have to be clear about how it should be and what it has to have, keep reading!