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Drac de sant jordi manualitats

Oct 14, 2021
Drac de sant jordi manualitats

Drac de sant jordi manualitats

Sant jordi crafts

If you are organizing a children’s party with children’s and family activities and different proposals to live Sant Jordi’s Day as a family, this workshop of the saint George’s Day can be an ideal handicraft activity to complement the activities of the children’s party.
And if you want to see other Sant Jordi craft workshops as original as this one, don’t hesitate to take a look at the different Sant Jordi workshops sections of our website, where you will find a lot of proposals for children’s Sant Jordi workshops.

Legend of sant jordi

And now that we are talking about ears we don’t want to miss the opportunity to show you these photos sent by Lurdes from the pottery Abella in Boters street in Barcelona. It is the sideboard that they had for Easter where the ears were painted in the colors and the ears were made of wax.
After observing the texture of the skin of different animals such as crocodiles, snakes, elephants, etc. the children painted with wax the texture of the skin of the drac on strips of white cardboard about 20-30 cm. wide.

Dracs de sant jordi manualitats

Take the green full A4 and turn it into a square. To do this we will take one of the points of the full A4 and bring it to the other side of the full, making a triangle (see video). With the triangle done, you can cut out the rest of the full that you have left over.
In the same template you will also find the two flames to make the light. Cut them out and place one piece on a green paper and the other one on a green paper. Go over the form with a pencil and remove the result. Do the same on the green paper with the two circles. They will be the inner part of the eyes.
When you have all the parts cut out, you only need to attach them to the base of the drac. First attach the two white tails. At the bottom, attach the green circles. With the black liner, draw the tail’s tail’s tail.

Drac de sant jordi coloring page

Sant Jordi’s Day is one of the most deeply rooted traditions in Catalonia, and Barça, despite the exceptional situation that is being experienced due to the pandemic, does not want to stop celebrating this day with its members and fans. Thus, the Club’s Social Department has prepared different activities related to Sant Jordi’s Day, mainly oriented to the youngest fans, which are divided into three proposals of manual activities and three digital games, and among all those participants in the manual activities who send the Club the images of their drawings or crafts, a series of different Barça products will be raffled.