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Frases boniques per felicitar un aniversari

Oct 12, 2021
Frases boniques per felicitar un aniversari

Frases boniques per felicitar un aniversari

Anniversary wishes

So we are already the sixth twelfth. And for you, on this anniversary day, sound the nicest congratulations! May the Lord be always with you. Protect you and always help you to get up. You are a beautiful woman and accept these sincere words from us. Happy anniversary, dear.
With great pleasure, I congratulate you on your wonderful anniversary, the most beautiful, most charming and attractive woman in the world! Your beauty has made a hundred of men drunk, your ability to be always charming and elegant is an example to follow! I wish you a long awaited feminine happiness, a pure and sincere love and loyal friends who can always be sad or happy with you.

Phrases about children

Have you already thought about the messages to send to congratulate the new year? Think about sending them just at twelve o’clock or before if you don’t want to find the lines saturated! If you still don’t know how to congratulate the year 2018 and you want to do it in an original and funny way, here are some ideas:
Benvolgut Déu: aquest any t’ha endut a la meva cantant preferida, el meu actor predilecte i al meu escriptor més estimat. I would like to tell you that my favorite politician is Mariano Rajoy and by the way I would like to remind you that we are almost at the end of the year! Happy 2018!

Birthday wishes

You introduced me to your sister that I already knew by sight. Diríem que tu vas ser el camí que jo no trobava per llançar la canya. Testimony of glorious days, like that walk to Montserrat to welcome a pope who was already very far away from all of us.
We wish you all the best for your 50th birthday and may you spend the next ones with all the people you love. We wish you all the best to your family and friends that you know that they remember and love you very much.
I have to tell you that I didn’t know it at all and since that moment it has been part of my private repertoire. This song that you taught me, in an unexpected moment, says a lot. And it says even more that you chose it at that moment.

Phrases in català aniversari

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