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American stanford blue cachorros

Sep 28, 2021
American stanford blue cachorros

American stanford blue cachorros

American stanford blue kennels

A breed known for its good character and high energy level. The Irish Setter is a smart dog that has a good memory and is a quick learner. This means it is easy to train, but if it learns bad habits, it will be very difficult to correct them, they can be quite stubborn!
This breed (also known under the names Amstaff, Staffie, American Stafford) has a bad reputation for its considerable strength and bad publicity in the media. But despite this, Staffies have hearts of gold. With a good education they are very patient and docile dogs. They love cuddles and lying on the couch during naps but when it’s time to play, they are the first to sign up!
The English bulldog is considered by many to be the best family dog. He doesn’t bark much, and is quite obedient (when he wants to be). He likes to sleep on the couch, watch TV with his family and does not need much physical exercise. However, it is important that he walks every day to stay in shape. The problem with bulldogs is that they are quite stubborn. If they don’t feel like doing something, there is no way. Luckily, with treats you can always motivate them.

American stanford gris

Si quieres saber más sobre el American Stanford Blue, debes saber que con el paso del tiempo y los conocimientos modernos muchos criadores profesionales investigaron para definir cada raza con sus respectivas variedades. La primera raza en ser admitida con sus características por el Kennel Club, reconocida autoridad mundial en materia canina, fue el American Staffordshire Terrier.
Sin embargo, a pesar de sus inicios, hoy en día el nombre de esta raza se da a muchas de sus variedades igualmente imponentes pero de diferente origen. También se ha confundido con su pariente inglés, debido a sus características comunes y a la historia que comparten.
Una de las variedades más hermosas del American Staffordshire Terrier es el American Stanford Blue. Esta mascota se ha ganado el corazón de muchos sin dejar de ser tenaz y decidida. Debe su nombre al color de la pupila y del manto, producto de la mutación de un gen recesivo.
Con respecto a esta mascota, es importante aclarar que el American Stanford Blue es una variedad poco común del American Staffordshire terrier. Esta raza tiene características similares a ésta y al Pitbull, sin embargo no es la misma raza.

American stanford tricolor

American bullys. Ready to reserve. In their blood Dax. Roy Jones, Maximus, Leonidas. With tricolor genes. Tri choco not available. Light cinnamon not available. Black female not available. Blue male not available. Only available. Dark cinnamon male.900. And black male and white face. 700… They are shipped. They are delivered with their corresponding vaccinations.
Precious litter of american stanford blue the mother is bicolor the father blue both stanford of a litter of 10 I have 4 females and 1 male available I send photo by wasap they were born on February 11. See all ads from Jessica
Next litter of American Stanford. Birth approx. 29-1-20. The mother is American Stanfordshire Blue (grey and white) and the father is American Stanfordshire (black and white). The parents have very good constitution and very well cared for. PRICE AND MORE INFO BY WHATSAPP. No exchanges.
Next litter AMERICAN BULLY BLUE. Good genetics of both mother and father, good character. Compact and muscular. They would be given from december with vaccination, vaccination and deworming up to date. I put photos of the mother and later of the father and puppies.

American stanford blue characteristics

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