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Cachorro braco de weimar

Oct 8, 2021
Cachorro braco de weimar

Cachorro braco de weimar

Braco de weimar breeders in spain

The name of this breed of dog comes from Weimar, and that is why it is believed that its origins could be German. We are talking about the 18th century, when the court of Weimar existed, and the Grand Duke Charles Augustus used to hunt with these dogs in the forest of Thuringia. That is why the Weimaraner is also known by the name of “Weimar” or “Braco de Weimar”.
The gray dog is depicted in several paintings from the 17th century, and was illustrated by painters such as Anton Van Dick and Van Baptiste Oudry. But unfortunately the war wiped out almost all the specimens that had been bred so far.
Among the most impressive physical features of this beautiful dog we find the eyes, which have a really impressive color: in adult specimens they are amber, but in puppies they are very bluish, almost magnetic.
It is a cautious dog, but very obedient, it will be easy to train him and offer him a good education: it is advisable to train him when he is a puppy so he gets used to socialize with other dogs and people, and this way you can avoid him to become an aggressive dog when he grows up.

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A key factor to take into account when deciding the amount of food to give is, of course, the age of the dog. You cannot serve the same amount of food and the same nutrients to a puppy as to an adult.
Another recommendation is that the Braco de Weimar, being tall, will need to eat with the bowl at least 20-30cm above the ground so that they do not end up suffering from problems in the future.
There is no recommended home-made weimaraner food, so it is important as far as possible to avoid giving them homemade food, leftovers from lunch, treats, chocolates and fizzy drinks.
The reason? It will cause nutritional imbalances, gastrointestinal problems and in the worst case it will slow down their development. For this reason, what a Braco de Weimar needs is a quality feed and plenty of clean water.
Another detail you should consider is that for large breeds it is recommended that the feed includes among its ingredients, codroprotectors, as these help prevent dysplasia and osteoarthritis of the hip.

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The German Braque, also known as German Pointing Dog or Deutsch Kurzhaar if it is short-haired, is a breed originating in Germany and recognized by the FCI (it can be found in the standard n.119, group 7, section 1). It is a beautiful dog, with a majestic and elegant posture, but with a generally restless character.
The German Braque is an imposing dog that reaches very important dimensions: at the withers it can reach a height of 66 cm, with a weight that can generally be between 25 and 30 kg. Robust and muscular, this specimen has an elegant posture and a slender body, which is very similar to the characteristics of the English pointer. The short-haired specimen is allowed different colors:
Therefore, the standard does not provide for the gray-colored German Shorthaired Pointer: this coat coloration is rather typical of the Weimaraner, another German breed that in some ways has very similar physical characteristics.
As we have already mentioned, the German Braque is not a dog suitable for everyone, precisely because of its character, which can be quite difficult to manage in a household if not trained in the right way. This is a show dog whose quality is hunting: it has a very lively and restless temperament, and an incredible need to move and let off steam.

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Due to their past as hunters, this breed of dog greatly enjoys chase games or searching for objects, so we must offer them the possibility of doing these activities frequently. Another important aspect when caring for a Weimar Braco de Weimar is to be clear that the nature of this animal requires daily physical activity. It is not a dog that we can keep at home without going out and walking it, because this animal requires at least 1 hour daily of walks, games and outdoor activities.
Although taking care of a Weimar Braco de Weimar is not a difficult task at all, we must be aware of the hygiene of their ears, clean them periodically and take care of them, as these dogs are prone to canine otitis. Additionally, and just like any other breed, our Weimar Braco will need to receive all the basic vaccinations and have an annual visit to the veterinarian to ensure optimal health.
I am giving him the one recommended by the breeder, Gosbi Excelent Puppy, but I am not sure if it will be the best food, and since it is so important to feed him as a puppy…I am afraid that I am making a mistake with his food.