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Cafe de gatos valencia

Oct 10, 2021
Cafe de gatos valencia

Cafe de gatos valencia

I visited a cat cafe in san francisco. it was amazing.

Places where you can drink a local brew while your pet gets a treat from Doggy Love; where you can get personalized advice from a dog sitter over an “expert coffee” while other humans get to know what may be their future pet. Pet cafés, in addition to being wonderful places for recreation and leisure where to have a drink, also seek to educate and raise awareness about the problems that animals suffer, such as abandonment and mistreatment. This is the case in these two cafes in Valencia: ‘El Passatge dels Gats’ and ‘La Fábrica de Huellas’.
To share a time of between 60 and 90 minutes with the cats, you have to make a reservation on their page, after reading the rules of the premises.  In this cafe, to which donations of various kinds can be made, there are talks given by caregivers, psychologists, veterinarians or communicators whose contents can be proposed to the organizers.
In ‘El Passatge’ they try to make visitors fall in love with the cat’s character rather than its physique, and they help to understand the cat language. They also solve in their blog questions that arise for the care of a cat, such as proper feeding or hygiene. Proud of their work for animal welfare, on one of the walls hang the photographs with the names of all the cats, more than 70, to which they have already found a family.

¡¡lindo café de gatos en corea!! (고양이랙돌카페) | cute animal video

Un cat cafe, como La Fábrica, suele acoger a los gatos callejeros de los refugios de animales locales y ofrece al público la posibilidad de adoptarlos. Para los posibles adoptantes, es la forma perfecta de encontrar a su nuevo amigo felino, en un entorno en el que los gatos están tranquilos, cómodos y felices. También es un lugar donde los amantes de los gatos pueden venir a disfrutar de la compañía felina.
La Fábrica de Huellas es una Organización No Gubernamental que fue creada en 2018 por Naza Herandez.  Formada originalmente como Terapeuta Ocupacional, Naza pasó a utilizar la Terapia Asistida con Animales en su práctica. Su visión es realojar a tantos gatos callejeros como sea posible mientras (re)educa al público en la tenencia responsable de mascotas.
A pesar de las recientes mejoras en las leyes de protección de los animales y la introducción de colonias de gatos vigiladas, miles de gatos sin hogar vagan por la ciudad de Valencia y llenan sus refugios de animales cada año.  La Fábrica es actualmente el único café para gatos de Valencia, después de que su predecesor se viera obligado a cerrar por problemas financieros.

Visiting passatge dels gats (cat cafe in valencia)

Cat cafes were born in Taiwan, but where they triumph is in Japan. In these themed cafes you can observe, pet and play with cats. Customers pay for a certain amount of time and while they are inside they can be with the cats and have a coffee or a soft drink. Many of these cafes also offer an adoption service in partnership with animal shelters.
Cat Relax is also the physical headquarters of the non-profit association ABAIFA (Asociación Benéfica por la Acogida e Inserción de Felinos en Alicante). You can also adopt their cats or sign up for one of their fun feline yoga classes.
La Gatoteca has a permanent cat cafe service, where you can have a coffee, tea or soft drink while meeting their cats. If love arises, you can even arrange an adoption. This coffee shop works in the opposite way than a normal one, since the cats are the most important thing, that’s why they charge for the stay with them instead of the drink. La Gatoteca invites you to the first drink and, if you want to have something else during your visit, you can serve yourself whatever you want in their self-service area (no alcoholic beverages, of course) and leave a donation at will.

The cat library

The important thing is to encourage responsible adoptions. For this reason, this cat café offers the opportunity to interact with its furry inhabitants, so that people fall in love with their character and not just their appearance.
The cats that live in the cat cafe, go through a very thorough process of review and veterinary preparation. They are identified, dewormed, vaccinated, analytical tests are performed, they are sterilized … All a necessary preparation before arriving at this shelter.
Passatge de gats wants each cat to find the ideal family. That is why we dedicate the necessary time so that adoptions are responsible and for life.    Because true love has to be like that.
I remember talking to David and telling him how sad I feel when I see how invisible they are for most people.    People need to be brought closer to cats. Let them get to know them, treat them and fall in love with them. We have to abandon the terrible idea that cats are from the street. A phrase that I am very tired of hearing.