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Criadero de american stanford

Oct 15, 2021
Criadero de american stanford

Criadero de american stanford

Criadero de american stanford online

Passionate about the breed for more than a decade, we will never forget the day the first Amstaff arrived home, a red male son of the great Old Mountain’s Shoshoni.  We started in the Show world and as expected the passion for the breed increased, we wanted more, it was a breed with something special that really hooked and little by little our hobby was going to become a way of life. It was clear to us, we had already set a goal, we wanted to become respected breeders.
In Old School we have always had clear what our goal was, we look for quality Amstaff, with good health and balanced (character). Physically we breed strong bull type dogs and we usually work with brindle dogs.

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It is necessary to start this from an early age, since the puppy is when the dog learns all the basics and its customs, habits, character, etc. are created. After the puppy stage, being an adult, it is also possible to socialize and educate them, however it can be a much more complex task since it will be necessary to change some habits or even solve some fears and behavioral problems. To do this, especially when it is already an adult dog and if it presents problems, it is advisable to have the help of a professional of canine behavior and ethology or a canine educator.learn in these other articles of unCOMO How to train a puppy and How to socialize a puppy with adult dogs and people.
I have an American Stanffor dog I got him as a gift and I’m worried he doesn’t want to eat or drink water for several days. I went to the vet and bought antibiotics and food and pain pills. I take him for a walk and he is happy.
We were given one of these dogs at 1 month old and when he is asleep sometimes he shakes strong and strange but I don’t know if it is because he is small or because he is not used to his new home, he has been here for 2 days. Thanks

American staffordshire terrierdog breed

In general, the American Bully shows a very lively character, proves to be happy, playful and friendly. They are self-confident and not easily intimidated. This self-confidence should not be confused with aggressiveness. They show great affection and loyalty to the people with whom they live.
As for the color of the coat, the variety is very large, they are usually bicolor or tricolor variations in which one of the colors is white with variable extension mainly on the chest.
The American Bully is a dog that has a tendency to get cold very easily, therefore, it is convenient to keep the dog warm or in a warm place. When the weather is cold, it is advisable to keep the dog warm when going for a walk.
The American Bully is a dog that is very easy to love, for its education it is necessary to avoid spoiling it. It is convenient to start his education from the beginning, marking the habits and behaviors that you want for the dog. At all times it is necessary to show firmness and gentleness. This dog must be educated to feel like one of the family and to know that they are not the alpha members of the pack.

Criadero de american stanford del momento

El American Staffordshire terrier, a veces llamado “Am Staff”, es un perro de tamaño medio-grande con una complexión musculosa y cabeza cuadrada. Aunque es conocido por su valentía y su alto nivel de energía, el American Staffordshire también tiene un carácter afectuoso y leal. Contrariamente a su apariencia dura, el Stafford es una raza de perro gentil. El Am Staff es bastante poderoso y tiende a ser estoico ante el dolor. Comúnmente llamado pit bull, su historia se remonta a la Inglaterra de 1800, donde se utilizaba en las peleas de perros.
Pelaje y colores: El pelaje corto aparece en una variedad de colores, incluyendo negro, marrón, azul, leonado, rojo e hígado. El patrón atigrado y las marcas blancas también se ven en combinación con estos colores.
Las raíces del American Staffordshire terrier se remontan a la Inglaterra del siglo XIX. Los bulldogs y los terriers de la época se cruzaron para crear un perro que poseyera los atributos deseables de cada raza. El resultado fue un terrier ágil y enérgico con la perseverancia y la confianza de un bulldog. La raza se llamó originalmente bull-and-terrier Dog, half and half, o pit dog. Con el tiempo, se conoció en Inglaterra como Staffordshire Bull terrier. Lamentablemente, los perros se utilizaban sobre todo para las peleas; aunque las peleas de perros se prohibieron en el Reino Unido en 1835, siguieron floreciendo, ya que la prohibición era difícil de aplicar.